You probably will not remember but I was operated on (bilateral chielectomy) in October 2019 and I had been waiting until I had had a few months of experience before giving feedback. Now that I have had 5 months with my “new toes” I would like to say a big thank you for the positive impact the surgery has had on me. You mentioned that the degradation on the left was quite severe, and I occasionally feel some discomfort on that side, but prior to the surgery I was in quite some ongoing pain with both toes and could not wear normal shoes and had had to stop running. My main hope from the operation was to be able to start back running, even moderately and even for just a few more years.  I am pleased to say that I am now comfortably back to running 7-10km 2-3 times per week and more or less pain free. I am really happy with this! You recommended I get some physio help and this was good advice.  I have noticed I have a lot more flexibility in the toes which the soft tissue wasn’t quite used to, so I could feel a bit of unfamiliar stretching in the foot as I got started. Also with such a lot of time off I had listed a bit of leg strength and resilience and as a result did suffer some ankle injuries at the beginning. I am very happy with the outcome - thanks a lot for your help!

– Mr AH

Good afternoon Amit I am delighted to say I managed to make it round the Chicago Marathon finally in one piece!! Finished in 3.53 with a 75 minute PB from my previous Marathon. Thank you so much again for getting me to the start line in one piece and for the care and guidance from both yourself and Rachel at Six Physio you so kindly allowed me

– Miss ED

I was delighted with the care I received as a patient of Mr. Amin I found Mr. Amin and Dr. Pawa extremely approachable, competent and ready to answer all of my questions. And, from my point of view, the surgery seemed to go very well. I was also very happy with the thoroughness and helpfulness of the specialist staff at the Shard, and with every aspect of my experience at London Bridge Hospital, where, in my opinion, the care could not have been bettered. My thanks, especially, to you Ms. Kryzhanivska.  During our telephone conversation I was impressed by your warmth and patience,  and later, by your efficient coordination of everything. I was also grateful  for the patient and persevering handling of the extra difficulties presented by my non-conventional insurance issues given by  you and by the billing staff. (I am really sorry that my insurance company were so much less efficient at dealing with the case!) So I am writing to thank you all, very much indeed. As you can imagine, the experience of having an accident and surgery while I was away from home was a very stressful one for me and for my family. We are so very grateful that I received treatment via such a competent and helpful group of professionals. Please convey my grateful thanks to everyone concerned.

– Mrs JH

I think it may be hard for medical professionals to understand exactly how much their work means for people like me. The extreme outdoor enthusiast is not a normal human being. It is a thing which is driven to explore and challenge the outer realms of what the normals think is possible. I will turn 50 this year – with more than 40 year of competitive and endurance events behind me. Whilst I understand the need to taper down a bit over the coming years, I will forever love and enjoy the great outdoors, whether it is on land, under water or chasing the wind. Your expertise made it possible for me to again live that thing which drives me. Thank you for your dedication and diligent skill developed over so many years. It provides others with the ability to the love life.

– Miss TS

After two years of hip pain due to poor balance from a bunion on my left foot, I decided to look into surgery to fix the issue. Dr Amit thoroughly assessed the issue and I felt confident in his abilities to rectify it. The surgery went well and his aftercare was brilliant. Had I known that I could be completely pain free, I would’ve done it much sooner.

– Miss CW

I have had the great pleasure and immense fortune to have been looked after by Amit Amin and Jon Houghton. In both cases each took the time to fully understand what was a very complicated ‘career ending’ ankle injury in order to make accurate careful diagnoses, and to put together a well thought out plan of action (only using surgery were absolutely necessary), which was then very well explained. My ankle has been looked at by various third parties who have noted that Mr Amin’s ankle arthroscopy and Brostrum Gould reconstructive surgery was of the highest standard they had seen. I saw Mr Houghton for diagnosis of and treatment for ongoing pain; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He is incredibly knowledgeable about a rare and complicated chronic pain problem that is poorly understood and often misdiagnosed or mistreated by many other medical professionals. Ultimately, Mr Amin was responsible for the mechanics of my ankle, meaning I can now walk again and even run on a treadmill. Mr Houghton treated the CPRS, which had prevented me walking without crutches. Both are also very kind with their time.

– Mr NB

I am indebted to Mr Amin. When a consultant at King’s College Hospital asserted that there was nothing more that they could do for my chronic ankle pain, I sought a second opinion. I was forty-one years old, a mother and secondary school teacher and had been very physically active. Whilst I had fractured my ankle, I could not believe that I would have to live with this for the rest of my life. I was recommended Mr Amin by my physiotherapist. Mr Amin was sympathetic and encouraging; he took conservative steps before resorting to surgery. When I came round from the general anaesthetic, I was convinced that Mr Amin had rectified the problem. I owe enormous thanks to an exceptional surgeon.

– Miss SR

I had a bunion surgery with Dr Amit Amin last June at London Bridge hospital and I am very happy with the result! Dr Amin approach is very professional and reassuring. I used to have a lot of pain in my left foot because of this bunion and now it’s gone! For the first time in years, I am able to wear Tropezienne sandals without my foot being compressed or too wide to fit! That’s fantastic! If you need a bunionectomy surgery, you found the best surgeon in Dr Amin.

– Miss SK

Dear Mr Amin, Thank you so much for all your help with my Achilles. It is very much appreciated – all the positivity and affirming that it will heal and it will get better. It is going well and am happy with the progress, there are good things ahead.

– Miss LH